Cisco Config Register decoder

0x2102 is usually normal for the config register
0x2142 is used for password recovery

8 Ignore NVRAM / Diagnostic Mode
4 IP Broadcast use network Broadcast
2 Boot to flash if Netboot fails
1 Console Connection Speed Bit 0

8 Console Connection Speed Bit 1
4 IP Broadcast use all Zero
2 ?nothing?
1 Ignore Console Break

8 OEM?
4 Ignore NVRAM
2 Console Connection Speed Bit 2
1 ?nothing?

8 bootfield
4 bootfield
2 bootfield
1 bootfield

As I find more information about what all of the bits do I will put it at the end of this page If you find any errors please notify
This was based on information from I have been pointed to Official Cisco information by Marc K and will be integtrating that in the next few weeks.